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Dependable Waterproofing & Concrete Repair Contractors in Champaign, IL


Zion Pro’s LLC is here to keep your home secure and stable for decades to come. With over 100 years of combined experience, our expert team of contractors provides safe and reliable repair services to cracked foundations, concrete surfaces, or walls on your residential or commercial property.


You should never have to worry about water damaging your home or business. Our experienced team offers complete waterproofing services in your basement, crawlspace, and other areas of your property. Invest in a waterproofing solution that protects your home and your wallet at Zion Pro’s LLC.


Don’t let a few cracks or stains destroy the look of your concrete surfaces. Restore your worn concrete with resurfacing, polishing, and beautification services from our experts at Zion Pro’s LLC. We completely transform your concrete surfaces while adding a waterproofing solution to keep your property in perfect condition.

Zion Pro’s LLC is one of the top residential and commercial waterproofing and concrete repair companies in central Illinois.

Since 2008, our motto at Zion Pro’s LLC has been to help keep your concrete surfaces and foundations safe, dry, and restored for ultimate protection and security within your property. All of our waterproofing and concrete repair, installation, or restoration services are minimally invasive to ensure that your home or work life is never disturbed by our presence. For additional information and pricing on our services, call our facility in Champaign, IL at (217) 864-7300.

Waterproofing Services

Established in 2008, Zion Pro’s LLC utilizes the top cement masons and waterproofing contractors in the business, bringing more than 100 years of joined experience utilizing the most recent waterproofing innovation available. Working with the best individuals, products, and procedures, we strive to give central Illinois inhabitants the best professional waterproofing services to keep your home safe, dry and restored.

We offer an assortment of financing alternatives including a year of regularly scheduled installments or as long as twelve years’ financing, without any installments, interest, or charges if the amount is paid off within a year. Call our expert team today for trustworthy waterproofing services in Champaign, IL, and the surrounding areas.

We also offer waterproofing services to the following businesses and locations in the central Illinois area:

basement wall needing waterproofing in Champaign Illinois

Call our friendly staff today and ask for a free estimate on your expert waterproofing services!

Water Damage on Basement wall needing Waterproofing in Champaign Illinois

Basement Waterproofing

Water damage is a common issue for properties throughout central Illinois and when bad weather strikes, Zion Pro’s LLC is here to make sure that your concrete flooring and foundation are protected. We offer top of the line basement waterproofing services with quality products that will keep your concrete flooring safe, dry, and restored for decades to come. 

A flooded basement is more than just a home or business owner’s worse nightmare. Your basement is the foundation of your property’s support system. If water continuously enters your basement, eventually, your flooring and even parts of your foundation will need to be replaced. We offer precise and accurate basement waterproofing services for residential and commercial properties in Champaign, IL, call our facility today!

sealed and waterproofing of True Crawlspace in Champaign Illinois

True Crawlspace Waterproofing

When was the last time you thought about the safety of your property’s crawlspace? While it may be one of the sections of your home or business that you think about the least, it is actually one of the most essential spaces in your home that can become susceptible to water damage. In many homes throughout central Illinois, your crawlspace is where many of your electrical and plumbing systems are stored, giving your plumbers and electricians easy access to your systems in a time of need. 

We offer residents quality crawlspace waterproofing services to ensure that their home is protected in the event of an emergency. Our crawlspace sealant not only blocks water from entering the foundation of your home, but it also blocks 99% of radon – a cancerous gas lurking in the Earth. Call Zion Pro’s today for a waterproofing solution that keeps your property safe, dry, and restored.

Cracks in basement needing Foundation repair in Champaign Illinois

Crack & Pipe Injection

The last thing any homeowner wants to see are cracks in their water lines or foundation. While the structure of your home and plumbing systems may seem like they are not affected by these pesky cracks, over time, and if left untouched, these surfaces will become weaker and weaker until they fail entirely. Our experienced team offers crack and pipe injection services that not only repair your cracks but also prevent water or other harmful chemicals from penetrating the surface.

Using a high- and low-pressure polyurethane, our contractors inject a substance, referred to mainly as grout, into the cracks that instantly repairs and restores your pipes or foundation. If you notice small to medium cracks forming in your home, call the professionals at Zion Pro’s LLC today.

Water Diversion

Water diversion is an alternative waterproofing technique that many property owners seem to prefer in the central Illinois area. This process, much different from true waterproofing, uses a precise drainage system such as a French drain or drain tile, that intentionally moves the water beneath your home into a nearby drain or sump pump.

True waterproofing does not allow any water to flow beneath your home, while water diversion directs the water, making it a much more affordable solution that does not involve the laying of a chemical protectant, only minor excavation work. Our expert contractors highly recommend water diversion services for your residential or commercial basements in Champaign, IL.

partially installed french drain creating water diversion to allow water to flow beneath foundation of home in Champaign Illinois
residential sidewalk with cracks in it champaign il

Concrete Repair

Cracked concrete in or around your property is not only a sore sight to see, it actually could mean that your flooring, driveway, or other concrete surface is in need of professional repair. At Zion Pro’s LLC we offer experienced concrete repair services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties from contractors with over 100 years of combined experience. Alongside our concrete repair services, our skilled team is also well versed in repair mortar on your stone barbecues, pillars, walls, and more.

We provide our concrete repair services to the following residential and commercial surfaces:

Cracked Foundation Repair

Have you noticed cracks forming in your home’s foundation? Don’t just up and leave, call the experts at Zion Pro’s LLC in Champaign, IL! We offer affordable and trustworthy cracked foundation repair services that prevent your property from becoming unstable. Smaller cracks, while still serious, are easily fixable, however, it is important that you contact a professional immediately to ensure the cracks do not worsen over time. 

For cracks in the corner of your foundation, we use specialized carbon straps to hold your foundation together. These straps not only repair the issue but prevent it from happening again in the future. What are you waiting for? Call Zion Pro’s today for quality foundation repair services and ask about how you can receive a free estimate.

grey concrete basement foundation and wall champaign il
bowing concrete all with carbon fiber straps applied champaign il

Bowing Walls Restoration

Bowing is essentially the curving or leaning of a wall that has a variety of causes including, heavy traffic vibrations, an increase in floor loads, or excess water building up behind the wall. It is imperative to have your bowing walls inspected immediately; the longer you allow pressure to build behind the surface of your walls, the weaker your foundation becomes, making your home or business unsafe.

At Zion Pro’s LLC, our contractors have over 100 years of combined experience restoring bowing walls, in fact, we are the only authorized carbon strap installer in the state of Illinois. Carbon straps are used to repair bowing walls and curved surface, reducing overall pressure behind your walls, and stabilizing your property entirely. Let us keep you and your family safe, call Zion Pro’s LLC today!

Concrete Restoration

While concrete is one of the most reliable and durable materials on the market, over decades of use and improper maintenance, eventually, these concrete surfaces will need to be restored. Many customers believe that if their concrete driveways, walkways, or patios are cracked, the entire surface has to be dug up and relayed to restore it to its original state. However, our concrete restoration services are quick, easy, and affordable! We use modern restorative methods to bring your concrete surfaces back to life. Whether you need minor repairs, cement overlayments, or self-leveling solutions, the experts at Zion Pro’s are here to help! We restore a wide variety of concrete surfaces, including:

Call our location in Champaign, IL to receive a free estimate on your concrete restoration project.

Concrete Polishing

So, you love your home, but those old and gray concrete floors are just ruining the image of your basement or garage? While your first thought may be to get rid of the concrete entirely or cover it up with hardwood or tiled material, the experts at Zion Pro’s LLC have quality and affordable concrete polishing services that will have your space looking like new without breaking the bank. 

Our non-slip surfaces are modern, customizable, and extremely easy to maintain. Why spend thousands of dollars on new flooring when you can upgrade your current concrete surface for half the price? Our team is fully trained and certified to polish your old and worn concrete, call us today for a free estimate on your polishing project!

polished warehouse floor champaign il