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Reliable Concrete Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Services in Springfield, IL


Zion Pro’s LLC is here to keep your home secure and stable for decades to come. With over 100 years of combined experience, our expert team of contractors provides safe and reliable repair services to cracked foundations, concrete surfaces, or walls on your residential or commercial property.


You should never have to worry about water damaging your home or business. Our experienced team offers complete waterproofing services in your basement, crawlspace, and other areas of your property. Invest in a waterproofing solution that protects your home and your wallet at Zion Pro’s LLC.


Don’t let a few cracks or stains destroy the look of your concrete surfaces. Restore your worn concrete with resurfacing, polishing, and beautification services from our experts at Zion Pro’s LLC. We completely transform your concrete surfaces while adding a waterproofing solution to keep your property in perfect condition.

At Zion Pro’s LLC, our number one priority is to provide our residential and commercial clients with quality concrete repair and waterproofing services in Springfield, IL.

For over a decade we have kept homes and businesses safe, dry, and restored with our expert services that continuously save our customers time and money. We offer a variety of restoration, repair, and waterproofing services – call our facility today to speak with a certified contractor and receive a FREE estimate on your project!

Waterproofing Services

Since 2008, our company has provided top of the line waterproofing services to homes and businesses across Springfield, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our certified contractors have over 100 years of combined experience to bring to our customers, with excessive training on the latest waterproofing technology available. Our motto has always been to combine the best people with the greatest products and processes to ensure the satisfaction of every one of our customers.

We waterproof everything from basements and crawlspaces to walkways and parking lots. Let our expert contractors help keep your property safe, dry, and restored. We also offer waterproofing services to the following businesses and locations in the Springfield, Illinois area:

Image of Basement walls needing waterproofing in Springfield Illinois

Call our friendly staff today and ask for a free estimate on your expert waterproofing services!

Image of basement needing basement waterproofing services in Springfield Illinois

Basement Waterproofing

Are you constantly worried about your basement flooding after a heavy storm? Believe it or not, many homeowners have this fear due to the lack of waterproofing technology in their basements. Whether your basement is susceptible to moisture, flooding, or unprotected in the event of a bursting pipe, the experts at Zion Pro’s LLC are here to provide quality and affordable waterproofing services to your property in Springfield, IL. 

Waterproofing your home or business will not only protect your belongings and prevent expensive repair or replacement costs on your walls and flooring, but it provides extra support for your concrete and foundation, increasing its lifespan by decades! Call our facility today for additional information on how to receive expert waterproofing services for your property.

image of completed true crawlspace waterproofing services in Springfield Illinois

True Crawlspace Waterproofing

If your home does not have a basement, chances are you have a crawlspace either tucked away in your home or a small access point in your backyard. Not many homeowners realize that crawlspaces are extremely vulnerable to flooding, especially since there is no protective layering keeping water away from your foundation. At Zion Pro’s LLC, we use the latest technology when it comes to crawlspace waterproofing to ensure this space beneath your home is kept safe, dry, and restored. 

Our waterproofing liners block out both water and cancerous gases that lurk within the Earth’s soil. If your crawlspace is in need of waterproofing services, call our facility today and receive a free estimate on your project.

diagram of different cracks in basement foundation needing crack and pipe injection in Springfield Illinois

Crack & Pipe Injection

Cracks in your home’s concrete flooring or water lines are nothing to dismiss. While a small crack may seem harmless, over time, pressure built up from the earth or the water within your plumbing pipes will eventually cause that crack to grow larger until it eventually damages the entire foundation of your home or plumbing system. With quality products and services from Zion Pro’s LLC in Springfield, IL, we inspect and repair your cracked foundation or pipes before it’s too late. 

Using a polyurethane substance, we fill in those cracks, not only solving the possibility of future damage but ensuring the strength and safety of your home. Call our professional team today for crack and pipe injection services on your basements, tunnels, pits, or agricultural systems.

Water Diversion

Water diversion is the process of creating an underground system using either French drain or drain tile to precisely direct groundwater from flowing away from your property. This process is different from true waterproofing in that it still allows water to flow beneath your property without causing damage to your basement or concrete foundation. 

At Zion Pro’s LLC, we recommend investing in a water diversion system if you are looking to waterproof your basement without having to worry about light construction disrupting your everyday life. These services take place on the exterior of your home and have been proven to be a beneficial substitute to other waterproofing services.

partially installed french drain creating water diversion away from home in springfield illinois
cracked sidewalk needing concrete repair in Springfield Illinois

Concrete Repair

For over a decade, we have been repairing cracked and damaged concrete surfaces on residential and commercial properties throughout central Illinois. Whether your driveway has suffered years of abuse or your basement walls are beginning to chip and crack, our experienced contractors are here to repair your concrete surfaces on time and within budget. We will remove sections of your broken concrete, replacing the space with a fresh surface that improves the safety and structure of your home and property. On top of our concrete services, we also partake in mortar repair on everything from stone barbecues to walls and pillars.

Our concrete repairs can be applied to the following residential, commercial, and industrial surfaces:

Cracked Foundation Repair

Your home or business’s foundation is literally the building blocks that keep your property safe and secure during harsh weather or unpredictable movements in the Earth. If you have been noticing cracks in your property’s foundation, we recommend immediately calling your local contracting experts at Zion Pro’s LLC to repair the surface before the issue gets worse. While small openings in your foundation may not seem like a big deal at first, over time those cracks will weaken the structure of your home or business, eventually making your property unsafe and expensive to restore.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, call our facility today for quality foundation repair services and ask how you can receive a free estimate on your concrete repair project.

Basement wall showing cracks needing foundation repair in Springfield Illinois
Image of basement with bowed walls needing bowing wall restoration services in Springfield Illinois

Bowing Walls Restoration

Bowing walls in your home or business is no small issue – in fact, curved, leaning, or bulging walls are a sign of a foundation or structure issue that can make your property extremely unsafe. Over time your bowing walls will begin to crack, letting everything from pests to water into your business or home until eventually, the entire structure collapses.

At Zion Pro’s LLC, we use certified carbon straps recommended by the International Code Council (ICC) to repair any crack or curve in walls and foundations. We are the only authorized installer of these revolutionary products in the state of Illinois, making us the perfect choice for your bowing wall restoration services. Let us keep your home safe and secure – call us today at (217) 864-7300.

Concrete Restoration

You can trust our respected team of contractors at Zion Pro’s LLC for quality concrete restoration services in the Springfield, IL area. We provide a wide variety of restorative solutions for your cracked or unlevel concrete. Whether your driveway is old and damaged, or your basement walls are forming small cracks, we are here to restore your concrete surfaces and have them looking like new.

Not only do our products restore the look of your concrete, but they also provide structural support that may have began to weaken over time. Our experts are here to provide quality concrete restoration services at an affordable price. Call our location today for more information on the types of concrete surfaces we restore, including:

Call our location in Springfield, IL to receive a free estimate on your concrete restoration project.

Concrete Polishing

Are your old and washed out concrete floors ruining the image of your home? At Zion Pro’s LLC, we have the perfect solution that won’t break the bank! Our concrete polishing services are the best option when it comes to restoring the look of your basement or commercial business’s floors. Our trained contractors have over 100 years of combined experience in polishing concrete to get rid of any marks, scratches, stains, or small cracks as fast and efficiently as possible. Let us transform your concrete floors into modern and vibrant surfaces that are customized to your unique style. Call today for a free estimate!

polished warehouse concrete floor in Springfield Illinois