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Licensed Concrete Restoration & Polishing Services in Central Illinois.

Trust in the award-winning team at Zion Pro’s to restore any concrete surface on your commercial or residential property in central Illinois. We use restorative solutions such as crack repair, cementitious overlayments, and self-levelers to bring your old and damaged concrete back to life. Our versatile products are able to make almost any concrete surface look like new. Whether your basement flooring is chipping, or you are looking to upgrade the platform of your garage, we have the expertise to restore your concrete surfaces with accuracy and precision, all at an affordable price.

Concrete restoration services fixing crack repair in Decatur Illinois

We restore a wide variety of concrete surfaces, including:

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Picture of a driveway repair and restoration in Decatur illinois


If your commercial or residential driveway is littered with cracks and small potholes, not only does it affect the look of your property, but it can also turn into a safety hazard for your family or customers. Over time, driveways can trap dust, dirt, and other pollutants deep within the cracks of the concrete, making them impossible to seal and become larger if not taken care of. Avoid expensive repair and replacement expenses on your concrete driveways and choose restoration services from Zion Pro’s in central Illinois. We ensure your driveways are durable and easy to maintain while sealing any minor cracks in the concrete. Call (217) 864-7300 today for a free estimate on your driveway resurfacing project!

Parking Lot Repair

Your business’s parking lot may not seem like a major issue to restore; however, many individuals will pass by a business if they notice an old and damaged parking lot. When it comes down to it, the parking lot is the first image of your business that your customers see. Don’t lose customers due to cracked or worn concrete, call Zion Pro’s LLC in Central Illinois for expert parking lot repair and restoration services.

We use a grout-like material to restore and strengthen your existing concrete while expertly coating traffic and parking lines. For experienced restoration services, choose Zion Pro’s LLC and we will have the front lot of your business looking like new!

Image of parking lot needing commercial concrete repair in decatur Illinois
Patio repair and resurface in Decatur Illinois


Whether you have a restaurant with outdoor seating or an old and worn out patio in your backyard, the professionals at Zion Pro’s LLC are here to help! We restore and repair patio areas with minor damages while upgrading the appearance and strength of your concrete surface. If you’re looking for a new and modern look, try one of our many resurfacing designs. Have your concrete stenciled or colored by our expert contractors that can make your patio look like brick, wood, or any pattern you choose! We are the only company in the area that offers such a wide variety of patio restoration services, call (217) 864-7300 today to speak with one of our team members and receive a free estimate on your project.

Sidewalks & Walkways

Like a driveway or patio, sidewalks play a major role in the image and functionality of your property. Whether it is a walkway leading to your front door, or a small concrete path leading to your backyard garden, we repair and restore even the smallest of concrete surfaces. Let the experts at Zion Pro’s LLC resurface your sidewalks and walkways with decorative concrete coatings that are not only durable and stain-resistant but can also be waterproofed to avoid future decay. Many sidewalks and walkways become uneven over time, damaging the entire foundation, and eventually needing to be replaced altogether. Our restoration and minor repair services prolong the lifespan of your concrete walkways while creating a new look that is much more affordable than replacing the surface entirely. Call (217) 864-7300 today for a free estimate.
Sidewalk repair in decatur il
polished warehouse concrete floor in Decatur Illinois

Concrete Polishing Service

You will be amazed at your old gray concrete floors after they have been professionally polished. This is one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your concrete floor to a non-slip surface, while making your home or business look modern and vibrant. Your beautiful concrete floor will be simple to clean and can last you for decades. Zion Pro’s LLC can repair or beautify any residential, commercial, or industrial concrete work. All our employees are fully trained and have earned a series of internal and external certifications. Contact us today for your FREE estimate!