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Quality Residential & Commercial Waterproofing Services in Bloomington, IL


Zion Pro’s LLC is here to keep your home secure and stable for decades to come. With over 100 years of combined experience, our expert team of contractors provides safe and reliable repair services to cracked foundations, concrete surfaces, or walls on your residential or commercial property.


You should never have to worry about water damaging your home or business. Our experienced team offers complete waterproofing services in your basement, crawlspace, and other areas of your property. Invest in a waterproofing solution that protects your home and your wallet at Zion Pro’s LLC.


Don’t let a few cracks or stains destroy the look of your concrete surfaces. Restore your worn concrete with resurfacing, polishing, and beautification services from our experts at Zion Pro’s LLC. We completely transform your concrete surfaces while adding a waterproofing solution to keep your property in perfect condition.

Zion Pro’s LLC is one of the top residential and commercial waterproofing and concrete repair companies in central Illinois.

Since 2008, our goal has been to provide our customers with quality repair and restoration services to keep your concrete surfaces safe, dry, and restored. Let our experienced contractors save you time and money with fast and efficient services to keep your property looking and functioning well as new. Call our team today at (217) 864-7300 and get a FREE estimate on your concrete repair or waterproofing project.

Waterproofing Services

With over a decade of experience in waterproofing concrete surfaces, our company is the number one choice when it comes to keeping your home in Bloomington, IL safe, dry, and restored. Our contractors have over 100 years of combined expertise in waterproofing and up-to-date training on the latest technology on the market. We believe that the best people, combined with the best products and processes lead to a quality and reliable service, that’s why we have stuck to this moto for over 12 years while receiving 100% satisfaction from our customers.

On top of our professional commercial and residential waterproofing services, we also provide waterproofing services to the following businesses and locations in the Bloomington, Illinois area:

basement in need of waterproofing services in Bloomington Illinois

Call our friendly staff today and ask for a free estimate on your expert waterproofing services!

basement with finished waterproofing services in Bloomington Illinois

Basement Waterproofing

Imagine coming home after a relaxing vacation to find your basement flooded after a heavy storm. Not a pretty picture, right? In Bloomington, IL, and really the entire central part of the United States, heavy rains are extremely common and can cause a serious problem for homeowners that do not have waterproofing technology in their basements. Whether you’re looking to prevent moisture, flooding, or wanting an extra safety precaution after a home renovation, our experts at Zion Pro’s LLC are here to help!

We waterproof basements in all locations including hospitals, universities, banks, residential homes, and more, with a 100% success rate. Speak with one of our experienced contractors today and receive a free quote on your basement waterproofing project.

True Crawlspace Waterproofing

When it comes to residential waterproofing, many homeowners only think of basements as the main area that can benefit from these services. However, some homes do not have basements and instead have a crawlspace area for quick access to electrical or plumbing systems that may require professional care. At Zion Pro’s LLC, we offer our customers quality and affordable waterproofing services for their crawlspaces in Bloomington, IL. 

Not only will our waterproofing liners prevent the intrusion of water, but it also eliminates the chance of cancerous gases leaking into your home’s airways that lurk within the soil of the Earth. For additional information on how waterproofing your crawlspace can benefit your home, call our experts at (217) 864-7300.

image of crawlspace with completed true waterproofing services in Bloomington Illinois
diagram of different cracks in basement foundation needing foundation repair with crack and pipe injection services in Bloomington Illinois

Crack & Pipe Injection

Have you been noticing small cracks forming in your home’s concrete foundation? Whether you notice these cracks on the outside of your home or forming in the corner of your basement, a serious structural issue may be forming if not taken care of properly. Our team of contractors uses a quality polyurethane substance to fill these cracks before any serious damage is done to your home or business foundation.

We also offer pipe injection services for mildly cracked water lines to ensure the safety and structural integrity of your plumbing system. With our expert services, we can assure you that your home will be free of cracks fast, efficiently, and within a budget that best suits your needs. Call our professional waterproofing team today for crack and pipe injection services on your basements, tunnels, pits, or agricultural systems.

Water Diversion

If you are looking for a non-disruptive and affordable waterproofing method, call Zion Pro’s LLC today for expert water diversion services for your residential or commercial property. Water diversion is the process of directing groundwater through a drainage system such as a French drain or drain tile in order to eliminate the flow of water from entering the basement or crawlspace of your property. 

This technique differs from true waterproofing methods in that it still allows water to enter the soil beneath your property, only to guide it into a nearby sump pump instead. Our contractors recommend a water diversion service for all Bloomington, IL residents looking to prevent water damage in their home or business.

partially installed french drain creating a diversion of water away from foundation in Bloomington Illinois
residential sidewalk with cracks needing concrete repair in Bloomington Illinois

Concrete Repair

Are you looking for expert concrete repair services for your driveway, patio, or commercial parking lot? You’re in luck! At Zion Pro’s LLC, we provide Bloomington, IL customers with quality and cost-effective concrete repair services. Whether you have cracked and fragile concrete walls in your basement that need to be replaced or an uneven and damaged patio in your backyard, we are here to help. Our contractors have years’ worth of experience in repairing and laying concrete to create a smooth and stable surface that will last for decades to come. Along with our concrete repair services, we also have the ability to repair mortar on your stone barbecues, pillars, walls, and more.

We provide concrete repair services on the following residential, commercial, and industrial surfaces:

Cracked Foundation Repair

Have you been noticing small cracks forming in your home or business’s foundation? While it may not seem like an emergency right away, over time, these cracks will begin to spread to other areas of your concrete foundation, making your property unstable and potentially dangerous to inhabit. A foundation is the main support system that keeps your home or business stable for years to come, that is why we use top name brand products and modern technologies to ensure your concrete is kept in perfect condition. 

Call Zion Pro’s LLC today for quality foundation repair services and ask about how you can receive a free quote!

Foundation repair of cracked wall of basement in Bloomington Illinois
image of basement wall repair after bowing restoration in Bloomington Illinois

Bowing Walls Restoration

Have you noticed a slight inward curve forming in your concrete walls? This is referred to as a bowing wall and is generally caused by the presence of excess moisture building behind your concrete, or pressure caused by heavy soil that your structure isn’t strong enough to support. At Zion Pro’s we do a careful examination of your basement walls, restoring either a single brick or the entire surface depending on the seriousness of the issue. Many of our restoration jobs are solved using certified carbon straps that offer more support than a steel beam. These straps, as recommended by the International Code Council (ICC), are revolutionary pieces of technology that our contractors have years of experience using on both residential and commercial properties. 

We are the only authorized installer of carbon straps in the state of Illinois, making us an undeniable first choice when it comes to your bowing wall restoration services. Let us keep your property stable and safe with expert services and products from Zion Pro’s LLC. Call our team today for a free estimate and additional information on the state of your bowing concrete walls.

Concrete Restoration

At Zion Pro’s LLC, we are dedicated to providing quality concrete restoration services to residential and commercial clients in Bloomington, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our restoration services include small crack repair, custom cement overlayments, and leveling on all of your concrete surfaces. We have a wide variety of products and finishes that help your chipped or worn concrete look good as new. Whether you’re looking to enhance your garage floor or modernize your basement, we are here to provide expert services with accuracy and precision. We restore the following concrete surfaces:

Call our location in Bloomington, IL to receive a free estimate on your concrete restoration project.

Concrete Polishing

Have you been looking to upgrade your home or business’s concrete flooring? Instead of covering it up with expensive hardwood, choose Zion Pro’s LLC for concrete polishing services that will have your concrete flooring looking as good as new. Polishing your concrete flooring is one of the most affordable ways to transform a room, basement, or even an outdoor patio. 

We have a variety of finishes along with a non-slip surface protectant that will have your space looking modern while reflecting your unique style. Call our experienced team of contractors today for additional information on our concrete polishing services in Bloomington, IL.

polished warehouse using concrete polishing in Bloomington Illinois