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Professional Waterproofing & Concrete Repair Services in Urbana IL


Zion Pro’s LLC is here to keep your home secure and stable for decades to come. With over 100 years of combined experience, our expert team of contractors provides safe and reliable repair services to cracked foundations, concrete surfaces, or walls on your residential or commercial property.


You should never have to worry about water damaging your home or business. Our experienced team offers complete waterproofing services in your basement, crawlspace, and other areas of your property. Invest in a waterproofing solution that protects your home and your wallet at Zion Pro’s LLC.


Don’t let a few cracks or stains destroy the look of your concrete surfaces. Restore your worn concrete with resurfacing, polishing, and beautification services from our experts at Zion Pro’s LLC. We completely transform your concrete surfaces while adding a waterproofing solution to keep your property in perfect condition.

Founded in 2008, our goal at Zion Pro’s LLC has always been to provide Urbana, IL, and central Illinois residents with quality concrete repair, restoration, and waterproofing surfaces.

We offer our services to residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients to ensure that your concrete foundations are kept safe, dry, and restored. Our expert services and techniques save home and business owners time and reoccurring expenses on their damaged or worn concrete surfaces. Call our facility today at (217) 864-7300 to schedule your FREE waterproofing or concrete repair estimate!

Waterproofing Services

Our contractors are the best in the business when it comes to waterproofing services. With over 100 years of combined experience, the team at Zion Pro’s LLC has the experience to operate modern waterproofing technology alongside professional techniques that keep your concrete surfaces free of water damage indefinitely. 

While some waterproofing services may seem a little pricey, our family at Zion Pro’s provides customers with a variety of financing options. These include 12 months of easy monthly payments or up to twelve years’ financing, with no payments, interest, or fees if the amount is paid in full within 12 months. Call our experienced team today for dependable waterproofing services in Urbana, IL, and the surrounding areas.

Image of Basement with completed waterproofing services in Urbana Illinois

Call our friendly staff today and ask for a free estimate on your expert waterproofing services!

Basement wall being treated with Waterproofing services in Urbana Illinois

Basement Waterproofing

One of the most common waterproofing surfaces that we do here at Zion Pro’s LLC is in residential and commercial basements. Basements are one of the easiest rooms in your home to flood after a heavy storm, due to improper seals within your foundation, or malfunctions from a sump pump or other plumbing system. 

Don’t let moisture, busted pipes, or an unstable foundation cause your basement to flood. Let our experts protect your concrete surfaces with quality waterproofing services in Urbana, IL.

Image of crawlspace with completed true crawlspace waterproofing in Urbana Illinois

True Crawlspace Waterproofing

Like basements, your crawlspace is another common place for flooding to take place within your home or business. If your home does not have a basement, chances are you have a small crawlspace area that can either be accessed from a small area within your home or a larger opening on the outside of your home leading underneath the foundation. Being that your crawlspace is the closest surface to water from your plumbing systems or heavy rains, oftentimes it can become flooded, destroying any belongings or electrical/plumbing systems in your home. With waterproofing services from Zion Pro’s LLC, you will never have to worry again about water damage while also restoring any unstable issues with your foundation. Call today for a free estimate.

diagram of different cracks in basement walls needing foundation repair with crack and pipe injection in Urbana Illinois

Crack & Pipe Injection

Cracks in your water lines, foundation, or basement flooring is a serious concern when it comes to the stability and safety of your home or business. Years of abuse from ground movements within the Earth or rowdy children can affect the surfaces of your concrete and requiring professional attention. At Zion Pro’s LLC, we repair and stabilize your cracked surfaces using a quality polyurethane and certified techniques that prevent any water from entering your property. 

We inject cracks and pipes with the highest quality materials on the market, call our certified contractors today for crack and pipe injection services on your basements, tunnels, pits, or agricultural systems in Urbana, IL.

Water Diversion

Water diversion is the process of using drainage systems such as French drains or drain tiles to lead groundwater away from the foundation of your residential or commercial property. This allows for appropriate amounts of water to still flow beneath your home, only these modern drainage systems help deter the direction of the water to prevent flooding in your basements or crawlspaces. 

True waterproofing is the only technique that completely eliminates water from entering below or above your property. Our experts at Zion Pro’s LLC recommend a water diversion process to prevent water damage on your property while allowing water to flow naturally beneath the Earth’s surface.

partially installed french drain designed for water diversion away from foundation in Urbana Illinois
residential sidewalk with cracks needing concrete repair in Urbana Illinois

Concrete Repair

If your concrete driveway, patio, basement walls, or flooring are littered with cracks, flaking spots, or obvious water/moisture damage, our experts at Zion Pro’s LLC are here to help. We provide our customers in central Illinois with over a decade of experience in repairing concrete surfaces with 100% satisfaction. While a single crack in your concrete foundation may not seem like a major issue right away, over time those cracks will spread, affecting the stability and safety of your home. Call our qualified contractors today for professional concrete repair services on your property in Urbana, IL. Our concrete repairs can be applied to the following residential, commercial, and industrial surfaces:

Along with our concrete repair services, we also have the ability to repair mortar on your stone barbecues, pillars, walls, and more.

Cracked Foundation Repair

Your home’s foundation is one of the most important unseen forces in when it comes to the safety and stability of your home, that’s why it is essential to keep your foundation free of cracks or other damages. While a small crack may not be an issue for a good couple of years, eventually a shift in the Earth will create pressure that eventually turns that tiny fracture into a long crevice that will continue to spread without professional care. 

If you notice cracks in the corners of your home or business’s foundation, Zion Pro’s LLC is the number one choice for cracked foundation repair in central Illinois. We use the most modern technologies to stabilize your foundation for decades to come. What are you waiting for? Call today for a free estimate on our concrete repair services!

image of basement with cracked foundation repair in Urbana Illinois
bowing basement wall repair in Urbana Illinois

Bowing Walls Restoration

Bowing walls, depending on the seriousness of the issue, are often a major sign of structural failure. At Zion Pro’s LLC, we are the only authorized installer in the state of Illinois that uses certified carbon straps to repair and stabilize bowing walls within your home or business. Recommended by the International Code Council (ICC), carbon straps are one of the most modern products on the market for restoring bowing walls and preventing potential foundation damage. Our quality products and techniques ensure the safety of your property – call now if you notice a major change or curvature in the shape of your walls.

Concrete Restoration

Have you been looking at the same cracked and worn out concrete for years? What better way to give your residential or commercial property the facelift it needs then restoration services from Zion Pro’s LLC in Urbana, IL. We use a variety of restorative techniques including crack repairs, overlayments, and self-levelers to restore the image and functionality of your home or business. Whether you notice chipping on your basement floor, deep cracks in your commercial parking lot, or uneven walkways leading to your front door, we’ve got the team and resources to get the job done. Our goal is to provide accurate, precise, affordable, and visually stunning concrete restoration services to clients in the central Illinois area. We continue to be one of the top-rated concrete repair companies in the state, restoring a variety of surfaces including:

For a free estimate on our services and information on the types of products and coatings, we offer, contact our facility today!

Concrete Polishing

Professional polishing services from Zion Pro’s LLC will have your old and dull concrete floors looking brand new! If you’re wanting an affordable way to improve the image of your basement, garage, or other concrete surfaces, a polishing complete with a non-slip coating is the perfect way to make your residential or commercial property look like new.

Polishing your concrete surface improves its lifespan and makes it much easier to maintain, benefiting homeowners for decades. All of our experienced employees are trained and certified to polish your concrete surfaces – call today for a free estimate!

polished warehouse floor using concrete polishing services in Urbana Illinois